father and son hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Things to Consider When Hiking in the Smokies with Children

Family hiking and resting on a fenceWhen planning a day hike in the Smoky Mountains with your children, it is important to pack certain items for your trip. These are a few tips that will make hiking in the Smokies with children much easier!

Choose Interesting Trails

When you are hiking in the Smokies with children, choosing interesting hiking trails is important. You, of course, want to make sure the trail is not too difficult for the kids. During summertime, seek out the trails that encounter small streams, waterfalls, and a lot of nature! Kids will be less likely to become bored with the hike if there are things to explore.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

While hiking, always wear comfortable shoes and be sure your kids have the proper shoes, too! Even though some of the shorter and simpler hikes may be paved, flip flops are not going to support comfortable walking. When you are hiking in the Smokies, depending on the hike you choose, be sure to wear proper clothes. Kids like to play on the trail, so make sure they aren’t wearing anything that can’t get a little dirty. If you are hiking to a higher elevation, make sure you pack a jacket for each of the hikers!

Take a Backpack and Snacks

Having a comfortable backpack while hiking in the Smokies with children is a necessity! In the backpack, be sure to pack plenty of water! Drinking from streams or rivers in the mountains can make you sick due to contaminants in the water source, so make sure you have more than enough water! If the hike is going to last for the afternoon, it is a good idea to pack snacks. Granola bars, trail mix and apples are all excellent snacks that will give kids the energy they need to keep hiking!

Pack for Emergencies

Although emergencies are rare when hiking in the Smokies, it is always better to plan for them. Pack a small first aid kit. Your kids may start to get a blister from their tennis shoes or may accidentally stumble and scrape their knee. In these cases, it will be best to have a bandage available. It will also be smart to carry wet wipes, insect repellent, and sunscreen. If the weather is sunny, you may want to pack sunglasses or visors for the kids!

Take Activity Items

There are plenty of activities to do while hiking in the Smokies with kids! Kids enjoy leaf collecting, so you may want to pack an envelope or small box to keep leaves safe! Children also enjoy looking at birds and other wildlife with binoculars. For the small bugs and leaves near the ground, children may also like using a magnifying glass. Don’t forget your camera, so you will have photos of your great experience hiking in the Smokies!

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