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4 Reasons Our Log Cabins in Pigeon Forge TN Are Better Than a Hotel

So you’ve picked your getaway trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, but find yourself debating on where to stay. The Smokies is not your average vacation destination, so why should your lodging be too? While there is no shortage of accommodations offered in the Smokies, there is one option that far exceeds the rest. When looking for convenience, privacy, and affordability, look no further than our Pigeon Forge cabins! Read the 4 reasons why our log cabins in Pigeon Forge TN are better than a hotel:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Many people like to go “ green” these days. Since trees are a renewable resource, and are used to build log and timber cabins, the sustainability of our cabins goes beyond measure. When a cabin is made from solid logs, it does not emit any harmful pollutants. Instead, their impact on the environment minimizes significantly. Choosing a log cabin is healthy not only for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park but for you as well.

2. Small and Large CabinsBeautiful mountain views from the deck of the Majestic Escape cabin.

One of the best things about staying in a log cabin in Pigeon Forge TN is you’ll have tons of space to spread out and relax! Why stay in a cramped little hotel room? You and your family members can enjoy having family time all without feeling too cramped. Enjoy separate rooms for each member of the family, as well as separate bathrooms. With our spacious cabins, families will have enough room to come together and enjoy an evening with the entire family around the crackling fireplace or stargaze on the outdoor patio.

3. You Get More Bang For Your Buck

Another great feature about our cabins is the amount of money you will save! You can enjoy all of our added amenities at no extra cost. Why limit yourself to only getting a small room while spending a bunch of money for a hotel? Our cabins offer so much fun for Pigeon Forge vacaiton cabin rentals with game rooms and pool tables the whole family that you may want to stay forever! From hot tubs, arcades games and pool tables to fully equipped kitchens and lots of outdoor space, our cabins are sure to add quality, fun, and comfort to your family vacation.

4. More Privacy

Renting a cabin in the Smokies not only means you’re immersing yourself in a true mountain setting, but you can do so in a truly secluded way. Avoid the bustle of having maids coming and going, paper-thin walls, and crowded areas in a hotel and find privacy in a cabin in the middle of the woods! You and your family will truly appreciate getting to “hide away” from the world after a long day of fun filled activities in Pigeon Forge TN!

As you can see, these are just a few of many perks to renting a cabin instead of getting a hotel room. Check out our log cabins in Pigeon Forge TN to browse through cabins today!