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dollywood cinnamon bread

Popular Dollywood Food You Have to Try

Dollywood isn’t just for thrill seekers and show lovers anymore! You’ll find plenty of foodies trying all of the delicious snacks and meals you can find at this Pigeon Forge theme park. Maybe you’ve tried one or two things, but you’re not sure what you’re missing out on. We’re here to help! Check out this Dollywood food you have to try:

Frozen Lemonade

frozen lemonade stand at dollywood with people waiting in lineNeed a refreshing drink to beat the heat? You can’t go wrong with a frozen lemonade. This drink is available at a kiosk on Showstreet. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and cold, making it ideal for a hot summer day.

Cinnamon Bread

If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste the exquisite treat that is the famous Dollywood cinnamon bread, then that is the first place you need to go on your next trip. This sweet treat can be found at The Grist Mill in Craftsman’s Valley. The scent of freshly baked pastries will hit you long before you reach the building, and the excitement to try the cinnamon bread will grow. It’s perfect all on its own, or you can add apple butter or frosting for an extra punch of sweetness!

Kettle Corn

kettle korn stand at dollywood theme parkWhen you’re feeling snacky, kettle corn is a great Dollywood food to try. You’ll find kettle corn at a standalone restaurant in Rivertown Junction. This is a favorite treat for many people because it’s salty and sweet. The original is super satisfying, but you’ll also have the opportunity to try various flavors throughout the seasons!

Pork Rinds

Anyone who loves salty snacks won’t want to miss out on trying the pork rinds at Dollywood! These are a great salty and crunchy treat that will keep you satisfied all day. The main stand is located in Craftsman’s Valley, but you’ll also find them at Hickory House BBQ, Midway Market, Mr. Jerry’s Sit & Sip Refreshment, and Country Cookers’ Kettle Korn.

Funnel Cakes

crossroads funnel cake stand at dollywood in pigeon forgePeople who have a sweet tooth will want to stop by Splinter’s Funnel Cakes at Wilderness Pass or Crossroads Funnel Cakes in Rivertown Junction. A classic funnel cake covered in powdered sugar is delicious, but you can get these cakes topped however you want! There are even seasonal flavors you’ll want to try.

Steak, Pepper, and Onion Sandwich

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty snack or you want a whole meal, another food you’ll want to try at Dollywood is the sandwich from Market Square Big Skillet. Located in Rivertown Junction, you will be able to follow the smell of freshly cooked onions and peppers combined with savory steak to the restaurant. Watch as the workers cook up incredible looking steak sandwiches. Your mouth will water, and you might just want to get more than one!

25-Lb. Apple Pie

dollywood 25-pound apple pie from spotlight bakeryAs soon as you step foot into the theme park, you’ll smell Dollywood food from the Spotlight Bakery. They sell all kinds of sweets, from cookies to pastries. However, one treat you can’t miss out on, and should probably share, is the 25-pound apple pie. While you are able to purchase an entire apple pie, cast iron skillet and all, we recommend getting a slice to share. It’s still 3 pounds!

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There are so many Dollywood foods you will want to try on your next visit. But these are the best ones we can promise you need to experience. So your day at Dollywood is already planned out, but what will you do during the rest of your stay? Check out our Adventure Pass to see what attractions and restaurants you’ll receive free goodies to when you book one of our cabins!