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Fishing access for Bear Mountain Lodge cabin.

9 Things You Need to Remember When Staying in Smoky Mountain Fishing Cabins

Smoky Mountain fishing cabins have a wonderful addition to their property that can provide you and your group with hours of entertainment. At Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals, we have cabins that have fishing ponds for you enjoy during your stay. Spending some time at your fishing pond is a great way to unwind and rest while having fun at the same time. Even though fishing is an activity that requires a little patience, it can be very thrilling when you finally feel a bite on your line. To make sure you don’t miss out on your vacation in a Smoky Mountain fishing cabin, we have put together our list of cabins with fishing opportunities, as well as a few packing tips.

Bear Mountain Lodge

Bear Mountain Bear Mountain Lodge Smoky Mountain cabin Living RoomLodge is a wonderful Smoky Mountain fishing cabin that is great for a family or smaller group of 6 or less. It is also in a private and semi-secluded location. This cabin and it’s bear-themed decorations will really make you feel at home in the Smoky Mountains. Other than its fishing privileges, this cabin also has many other options for fun including: a card table, pool table, home theater sound system and TVs with DVD players. Not to mention there are also Jacuzzis in each bedroom, as well as a hot tub outside for you and your group to rest your legs after a long day of fun.

Cabin Of Dreams

Cabin Of Dreams Smoky Mountain Fishing CabinThis beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom cabin that sleeps 8 is one of our Smoky Mountain fishing cabins that has three ponds surrounding its property. This is great for the fishermen who like to have options when it comes to their fishing spot. Cabin Of Dreams also has many other perks that make it a great option for your Smoky Mountain vacation. It includes a foosball table, pool table, gaming system and hot tub for your enjoyment. You will also find it is close to many things offered in the area including golf courses, outlet malls, horseback riding and skiing for those who like a lot of adventure. You really can’t beat this cabin when it comes to location, especially when it is also secluded.

9 Packing Essentials When Booking Smoky Mountain Fishing Cabins

1. Fishing Pole

This one is obvious, man holding fishing pole at Smoky Mountain fishing cabinbut only because you really can’t go fishing without a fishing pole. You can try other methods, but they probably wouldn’t be very successful. When you book Smoky Mountain fishing cabins for your stay, make sure you don’t forget this number one essential to fishing, especially if you bring everything else you need for an unforgettable vacation in your cabin. However, if you do forget your fishing pole, don’t worry, we have plenty of places around for you to purchase a new “lucky pole” that will have you catching fish left and right.

2. Fishing Line

Most fishing poles you can purchase come with fishing line already installed, but not always. Even so, there may not be enough line on the pole for you to cast out as far as you would like. When you bring your fishing line along with you, you can add your extra line as you need it. Not to mention fishing is a sport known to have many mishaps with the line, for example, you might catch a few tree limbs rather than fish. In this case you might have to cut your line if it gets completely stuck, but that’s absolutely okay if you bring along your extra fishing line.

3. Tackle Box

open tackle box at Smoky Mountain fishing cabinYour tackle box is an essential item that allows you to really customize your experience in Smoky Mountain fishing cabins. Make sure all the little details of your tackle box are in place for a great fishing trip. Don’t forget your favorite bait, lures, hooks, sinkers and bobbers. Everything in your tackle box can enhance the quality of your fishing trip, and also your results. Although if you prefer not to get real fancy with your fishing, worms and corn are a great replacement for fake bait and lures. Just don’t forget your hooks!

4. Pliers

Remember when we said you might have a problem catching a few tree limbs when casting rather than fish, and your line may get stuck? Pliers are great to bring with you on any fishing trip. They will help you cut your thick fishing line in those situations. You can also use pliers to fix bent hooks and lures, or to clamp your sinkers to your line effectively. Pliers really come in handy when you book any of our Smoky Mountain fishing cabins.

5. Appropriate Clothing

When going on any man fishing with pole and vast at Smoky Mountain fishing cabinfishing trip, you definitely have the opportunity to get dirty. You don’t’ necessarily need any fancy fishing gear, but it is a good idea to bring clothes for fishing you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. It also may be a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses to keep your head from getting sunburnt, and to keep the sun out of your eyes. If you really want the fisherman feel, you can bring along your wading boots, pants and vest to keep you clean and cool.

6. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for use in any outdoor activity in order to shield your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Whether you are an adult or a child, make sure you are using the appropriate amount of sunscreen, and reapplying it every so often. You’ll be happy when you do. It definitely beats spending your vacation with uncomfortable sunburns.

7. Insect Repellent

woman applying insect repellent at Smoky Mountain fishing cabinInsects help us humans out a lot, but they can be a little pesky, especially when you are outdoors and around water. If you prefer not to get bitten or be bothered by the bugs and insects you will find in the mountains, then insect repellent should be on your packing list. Like sunscreen, for best results make sure you apply and reapply regularly. This will really help keep the insects away from you and your fishing friends.

8. Appropriate Licensure

Whether you are planning to enjoy Smoky Mountain fishing cabins or fishing anywhere else, make sure you obtain the appropriate licenses required for fishing in that area. The state of Tennessee requires you to get a license when fishing. Rather than attempting to fish illegally, and getting caught, help out yourself and your friends in the Smoky Mountains by getting the license you need for your fishing trip. You’ll save yourself some time and money in the long run.

9. Fishing Buddy

If you fish frequently little girl holding fish she caught at Smoky Mountain fishing cabinwith a friend, this might be the most important fishing essential to you. Fishing is a great opportunity for bonding and meaningful conversation. Fishing is often said to be the best way to bond without speaking any words at all, especially if you have a fisherman with you who prefers you “don’t scare the fish”. It is an activity that is great for people of all ages, so when you book your Smoky Mountain fishing cabin make sure you get everyone in your group in on the fun. You can even take the time to teach a new fishing buddy how it works.

After saving yourself some time and money by packing all of your fishing essentials, make sure you check out our Smoky Mountain cabin specials to get the best deal on one of our Smoky Mountain fishing cabins!