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Dollywood Festival of Nations

Dollywood is home to the Festival of Nations. Whether you live in Gatlinburg, Tennessee or visit the Smoky Mountains on vacation, make sure that you head to this amusement park owned by county music legend Dolly Parton. The 2012 event boasts culture, art, dance, music and food from countries around the world. This is your chance to see the most popular things from around the world without a costly place ticket around the world.

The festival promoters are especially proud of the Mimirichi See the Paper World Show. The show follows a group of Ukrainian clowns that no one can resist. The Spirit of the Dance show brings the wonder of Irish dancing to the Smoky Mountains, while the Ashelin band sings traditional folk music from other countries. You can also check out the polka music performed by an authentic German band and witness the Russian Academic Band firsthand.

Some of the other events taking place at the Dollywood Festival of Nations include the Argentinean group Los Pampas Gauchos that combine comedy, music and dance, and Atahualpa that play music from the Andes. The Zebra Stelzentheater of Germany offer comedy and dance as they run around on stilts, while the Zambian Vocal Group brings the music of Africa to Gatlinburg.

The Dollywood Festival of Nations only runs until the end of April, so if you want to see music, comedy, acting and dance from around the world, this is your chance. Some of the most popular groups from past years return, but Dollywood also sees new acts joining this year’s lineup. Don’t forget to spend some time enjoying all of the great ethnic food on hand during the celebration. The Festival of Nations offers the kind of experience that you can only get from one place in the world: Dollywood. Auntie Belham’s offers great cabins in Gatlinburg to stay in during your visit.