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Sunrise photo of fall in the Smoky Mountains.

How to Pack for Fall in the Smoky Mountains

The trip is booked, everyone has confirmed and it is the day before you leave for your fall getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains. However, you still have to finish packing. While packing, you also want to make sure the clothes you do pack are weather appropriate for wherever you are going. Tennessee weather varies season by season. However, though the weather varies, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time in the Smoky Mountains. Here are a few quick tips to help you and your family enjoy your time and pack for fall in the Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mountain Fall Weather

September through mid-November visitors can expect clear skies and cooler weather. Warm days will alternate with cool nights. In September visitors can expect highs around 83 and lows around 55, in October the highs drop 10 degrees to 73 and lows are around 43, then in November it gets even cooler with highs in the low-60s and the lows just above freezing. This is the driest period of the year with only occasional rain showers. In high elevations, snow is even a possibility by November.

Woman dressed in fall clothing.With temperature varying so much during the day it is important to pack for all weather types and to check the weather the day before you leave for your trip. That will be the most accurate way to determine how you should pack for your trip. The best way to pack for a trip in the fall in the Great Smoky Mountains, is to pack for day and night. During the day summer like clothing will be great for your adventures. Then at night I would go for more of a fall/winter look, with closed toed shoes, long pants, and some form of sweater or jacket to keep you warm during those cold nights.

Pack for Activities 

There are many great attractions in the Smoky Mountains. So, the way you pack for your Smoky Mountain trip can vary on the activities that you will be doing in the Great Smoky Mountains. If you aren’t really a hiker but want to see the views from the comfort of your car you have more leeway to dress nicer during the day. If you are an avid hiker, hiking boots or hiking sandals with shorts and a long sleeve or a short sleeve shirt may be the way you want to go.

If you are the quick fast food eater then I would not worry about packing any clothes that are too nice, just stick to what you are comfortable in. If you are wanting to a bit fancier and go to one of the many amazing sit down restaurants in town. Then classier clothes may be the direction you wish to go.

Happy little girl playing in the fall leaves.No matter what you decide to do in the fall in the Smoky Mountains remember to pack for two very different times of the year. Be prepared for summer during the day and fall and winter during the day. That way you will never be uncomfortably hot or cold. If you are still looking for great, affordable cabin rentals don’t forget to check out our Gatlinburg cabin specials, to see how you can find the affordable cabin rental of your dreams.