4 Tips for Seeing a Smoky Mountain Sunset or Sunrise

Who wouldn’t want to see a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise? The pinks, oranges, and reds in the sky are absolutely beautiful to see. Since you definitely don’t want to miss out on seeing the sun rise or set over the mountains, we want to share some tips with you! Here are 4 tips for seeing a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise:

1. See When Sunrise or Sunset is Scheduled

sunsetThe sun rises and sets at a slightly different time every day. The last thing you want is to get up, drive to your destination, and realize you’re missing the best view of the sunset or sunrise! If you plan on waking up to see the sun rise, check online to see when the sun is supposed to rise the next morning. Do the same thing for the sunset. Once you know what time it is supposed to take place, you can plan around that time and get to where you want to be to see this incredible sight.

2. Bring Your Camera

While you can’t exactly capture the same magic you’re seeing with your eyes, you still don’t want to forget this moment! Bring your camera or your phone to take pictures of the beautiful sunrise or sunset. Even take a picture in front of it with your family, significant other, or by yourself!

3. Don’t Forget to Enjoy It

clingmanDocumenting such a powerful sight in nature is important. But don’t be so focused on getting the perfect picture that you forget to enjoy watching the Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise! There are the slightly changes in colors in the sky you could miss if you’re worried about getting the perfect picture. Just remember to be present in the moment and enjoy it before it’s gone!

4. Decide Where You Want to Be

Probably one of the most important tips to seeing a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise is to decide where you want to watch it from! There are so many places throughout the national park that are perfect for this event. The best places are higher in elevation so you can have a great view of the sky as it changes colors when the sun comes up or goes down. Any place where you have a great view of the mountains is also an amazing spot to watch the sun rise or set. Even if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your cabin to drive anywhere, you will enjoy watching a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise from the comfort of your cabin’s deck! Check out our list of places where you should watch a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise.

You can’t quite describe the feeling you get as your watch the sun come up for a new day or the sun set on another great day. Watching a Smoky Mountain sunset or sunrise is something you should definitely experience on your next trip. Ready to start planning your next trip? Browse through our available cabins in the Smoky Mountains now!