Top 5 Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants in the Smoky Mountains

Have you tried all of the popular restaurants in the Smoky Mountains? We want to share some unique places you should try the next time you stay with us! There’s a huge variety of cuisine, and you’ll enjoy eating at all of these places! Here are the top 5 hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Smokies Cuban Cafe

cuban sandwichIf you’ve never had traditional Cuban food, you need to eat at Smokies Cuban Cafe the next time you’re in town. They have empanadas, papa rellenas, and a traditional Cuban sandwich. There are a variety of entrees, from chicken to beef, that are served with rice, black beans, and your choice of plantains, tostones, or boiled yuca. You’ll enjoy trying any of the food at Smokies Cuban Cafe. Don’t forget to try their coffee with your dessert!

2. Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ & Grill

Love southern barbeque? Some of the best barbeque you’ll ever have is at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the Smoky Mountains called Tony Gore’s Smoky Mountain BBQ & Grill! Tony uses an all-natural pit BBQ with 100 percent hickory-smoked meats that are slow cooked for hours. Plus, all of his sauces are made from original recipes! Driving by this spot on Winfield Dunn Parkway, you may not expect the delicious good and great dining experience, but it’s a stop you don’t want to miss! Enjoy fall-off-the-bone ribs, fried chicken, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and more — all while listening to Southern gospel music!

3. Frank Allen’s

burger and friesOne of the most popular hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the Smoky Mountains the locals love is Frank Allen’s. It’s truly unique because it’s located in a gas station! They serve delicious burgers with your choice of toppings. Pile your burger high with your favorites, and get a side of fries. Frank Allen’s also has other sandwiches and hot dog options.

4. Pawpaw’s Catfish Kitchen

Pawpaw’s Catfish Kitchen is a local joint that serves authentic Cajun food. Try something new like alligator bites or boudin balls. They serve gumbo full of Cajun spices and traditional jambalaya you won’t want to skip. You can also find po boys with a variety of meat options, red beans and rice, and crawfish etouffee. Pawpaw’s also has New Orleans sno-balls seasonally!

5. Three Jimmy’s Good Time Eatery

three jimmy's food time eateryIf you’re spending any time in Gatlinburg, you should go to Three Jimmy’s Good Time Eatery. This restaurant in the Smoky Mountains has all of your American favorites. Start out with fried pickles or fried mushrooms. Try the beef brisket if you want barbeque or chicken pot pie for comfort food. Three Jimmy’s also serves artisanal pizzas, a huge variety of sandwiches, and burgers piled high with toppings.

Now you’ll want to try all of these hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the Smoky Mountains! Start planning your next trip by booking one of our Smoky Mountain cabins so you can try these unique places to eat!