Unforgettable, a one bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge.

5 Reasons to Stay in a Pigeon Forge Cabin Instead of a Hotel

When you’re planning a vacation to the Pigeon Forge area, you might be weighing the different options for somewhere to stay — from a cabin, to a condo, to a hotel. Pigeon Forge cabins are by far the best place to stay when you visit the area. Here are 5 reasons to stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin instead of a hotel:

1. The Privacy Factor

If you don’t want to chance having a loud and unruly neighbor banging on the floors and walls of your hotel room, a cabin is definitely the way to go for nice, peaceful nights and everything the comforts of your own home bring you. Also, there’s no chance you’ll disrupt anyone else if things get a little bit rowdy with the kids.

2. Get the View You Want

Hot tub on the deck of the Perfect Pointe of View cabin.Hotels with great views, even in the Smoky Mountains, are few and far between, especially since many are situated near or on the Parkway. With cabins, you’ll be able to choose what type of view you want. You can stay in our Pigeon Forge cabins with spectacular mountain views for after you prepare your morning cup of joe, or to unwind in the evening after an activity-loaded day. Or, you can choose to be situated in a secluded and shady wooded area for that rugged and pure nature experience.

3. A Quiet Place Away from the Action

Despite the fact that there are endless amounts of entertainment to be gobbled up in Pigeon Forge, many people simply want to visit the mountains of East Tennessee because they love the cabin environment. You may not care for all the stimulation of traffic, arcades, live theaters and pancake houses, so you’ll enjoy the seclusion your cabin offers. Just in case you have someone in your family that does enjoy all of these fun activities though, your Pigeon Forge cabin is still only a short distance from the attractions.

4. Save Money by Bringing A Large Group

group of friends at a pigeon forge cabinHotels can limit you if you are bringing a group of people, and sometimes it may not be possible to stay in a hotel for this reason. Our Pigeon Forge cabins range from 1 to 9 bedrooms and are ideal for your group. It may even be more cost-effective to rent a larger cabin and split the cost if there are multiple families staying with you. That way you don’t have to keep knocking on a bunch of doors just to find out where your group wants to eat or what you want to do for fun on any given day.

5. Your Very Own Amenities

Our Pigeon Forge cabins have all the comforts of home, which means you can leave home and still have everything you need waiting for you when you arrive at your temporary “second home.” Everything from silverware and dishes, to dish soap and laundry detergent are all things that will be available when staying in a cabin. Most hotels’ prized amenity is just a refrigerator — and most are small ones at that.

Hopefully now you have a pretty solid idea of what you can expect to get out of a stay in a Pigeon Forge cabin that you just can’t get from a hotel. Browse through all of our Pigeon Forge cabins and find the perfect one for a wonderful stay with your family.