chasing rainbows museum in pigeon forge

Explore the Life of Dolly Parton at the Chasing Rainbows Museum in Pigeon Forge

During your visit to the Smoky Mountains, make sure to visit Dollywood’s Chasing Rainbows museum in Pigeon Forge! With your ticket to the Dollywood amusement park, you will have access to this unique museum that’s filled with Dolly Parton memorabilia. Learn more about how you can explore the life of Dolly Parton at the Chasing Rainbows museum below.

Chasing Rainbows Museum in Pigeon Forge

Dolly sign in DollywoodContrary to what you may think, Dolly Parton did endure a difficult, but loving, childhood. She was not born into fame, but she was always rich in the love of her family. She earned her recognition, but she was never too proud of her East Tennessee roots.

The museum is filled with awards, costumes and Dolly Parton artifacts. The Chasing Rainbows museum in Pigeon Forge allows visitors to explore Dolly’s life, from her East Tennessee roots to her proudest moments on stage. The museum showcases Dolly’s personal items, even including some fan-made items. Visitors will see items such as a copy of Dolly’s birth certificate and a copy of her first record on display.

Coat of Many Colors

Being one of the most popular exhibits at the Chasing Rainbows museum in Pigeon Forge, this coat draws a lot of attention. One of Dolly’s popular songs, “Coat of Many Colors,” explains Dolly’s early life. In the song, her mom sews small, colorful rags into a coat for Dolly. You’ll be able to see a replica of the coat on display at the museum.

Dolly’s Closet

dolly outfit on manequin On display, visitors to the museum in Pigeon Forge will find Dolly’s stunning and sequined stage costumes! In addition to costumes she’s worn on stage, you can see costumes from her movie career, including “9 to 5” and “Straight Talk.” There is also an area to wear Dolly’s wigs! The touch-screen interactive exhibit allows visitors to wear Dolly’s many hairstyles!

Dolly’s Home on Wheels

Visitors to the Chasing Rainbows museum in Pigeon Forge will be able to spend time in Dolly’s tour bus! In the bus, visitors will find cherry cabinets, brass fixtures, three bunks, two bathrooms and a shower. In Dolly’s bedroom, you’ll see 3 clocks: one set on Los Angeles time, one on Nashville time, and the other on Dollywood time. Visitors are welcome to take pictures, too — so, make sure you take your camera with you.

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