Wild Eagle roller coaster at Dollywood

4 Fun Rides in Dollywood You Can’t Miss

Sevierville native and country music icon, Dolly Parton, founded Dollywood in May 1986. Within 5 months of opening, it received 1 million visitors. The Pigeon Forge attraction is still beloved today, as it attracts 3 million visitors every year and was even named the “#1 Theme Park in the United States” by TripAdvisor. There is so much to see and do here! Learn more by exploring this list of 4 great rides in Dollywood:

1. Tennessee Tornado

Tennessee Tornado sign at DollywoodOne of the things that Dollywood is known for is its thrilling roller coasters, one of which is the Tennessee Tornado. Located in Craftsman’s Valley, all the elements work together to imitate the feeling of being tossed around by cyclonic winds. It is less than 2 minutes long, but that doesn’t mean it is any less thrilling. In fact, the ride reaches speeds of 63 miles per hour as it barrels down a 128-foot drop and speeds through a 110-foot tall loop. It provides a great adrenaline rush. To keep it going, you’ll just have to venture back into the thick of the tornado.

2. Wild Eagle

Do you look at the birds above you and wonder what it’s like to fly? When you visit Dollywood, you can experience this feeling on the Wild Eagle, another fun roller coaster. Located in Wilderness Pass, it made history as the first “wing” coaster in the United States. The train is a bird and riders sit under its wings as they climb the 210-foot hill. Those who want an extra thrill can sit in the front with their feet dangling over the edge before barreling down the 135-foot drop. The ride also imitates soaring, as it reaches speeds of 61 miles per hour. You will have an awesome time!

3. FireChaser Express

FireChaser Express at DollywoodThe FireChaser Express is another one of the great rides in Dollywood, located in Wilderness Pass. The lower height requirement makes it ideal for the younger visitors. It is also great for anyone who wants an introduction to the thrilling world of roller coasters. Even though it has a maximum speed of only 35 miles per hour, that doesn’t mean it’s any less thrilling. In fact, it made history as the first family dual-launch coaster in the United States. This means it goes both forwards and backwards. At the end of the ride, the train travels backwards to the starting point.

4. Dollywood Express

If you want a laid back experience or need a little break from roller coasters, you will love the Dollywood Express, located in The Village. During World War II, the exact train contributed to the war effort by aiding in the delivery of supplies. Today, visitors can come aboard the 110-ton coal fired steam engine and take a 5-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. You can see all the gorgeous scenery in a unique way. The best part? There is no height requirement, so visitors of all ages can enjoy all the beautiful sights.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about some of the rides in Dollywood! Want to know even more about this fun place? Explore this list of 3 unique attractions at Dollywood you don’t want to miss!