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Top 5 The Island in Pigeon Forge Shops That Kids Will Love

The Island in Pigeon Forge is the perfect shopping destination for families as it features more than 40 unique retail shops, including a selection of stores just for kids! If you have children who are normally bored with shopping, just wait until they have a chance to build their own toy car or browse through one of the biggest candy stores in the Smokies! Here are the top 5 The Island in Pigeon Forge shops that kids will love:

1. Puzzled

Another one of the fun shops at The Island in Pigeon Forge that kids will love is Puzzled, one of the largest puzzle stores in the south! This cool store features more than 10,000 puzzle toys, including traditional jigsaw puzzles, 3D and 4D puzzles, Scramble Squares, Rubik’s rotational puzzles, brain teasers and much more! This is a great place to get your children interested in puzzles, which are both entertaining and challenging for the mind! Whether you want a puzzle with just a few pieces or 51,000 pieces, you will find it here!

2. Build-A-Bear Workshop

build a bearThe Island in Pigeon Forge is home to a Build-A-Bear Workshop, the popular chain where kids can build their very own stuffed animal! Step into the store to choose from over 30 bears, bunnies, dogs and other critters to make, as well as characters from beloved television programs and movies! Once your child has selected a cute animal to take home, they can enjoy the exciting process of giving it a personality with outfits, accessories, sounds and even a recorded message!

3. RideMakerz

RideMakerz offers kids the opportunity to design and build their own customized remote control car from hundreds of options! This is a chance for children to create the ride of their dreams and leave the store with a unique vehicle that no one else in the world owns! Each car is about the size of a football and begins with a basic body, chassis and tires, as well as working headlights and taillights! From this starting point, kids can choose colors, accessories, decals, lights and sounds with more than 649 million possible combinations!

4. Sweet!

sweet!One of The Island in Pigeon Forge shops that kids love the most is Sweet!, which will come as no surprise since it is a 2,500 square foot candy store! This “sweet” shop is filled with wall to wall candy, with everything from giant oversized jaw breakers to cereal box sized Nerds! As soon as you walk through the door, you will smell the delightful aroma of sweet sugary goodness… so follow your nose to some of the best tasting candy around!

5. The Toychest Company

The Toychest Company is a traditional toy store with classic and modern toys for all ages! This is a great place for adults to find some of the nostalgic toys from their childhood while kids discover innovative new toys that can’t be found anywhere else! You won’t find any kid who doesn’t enjoy browsing through a toy shop, so be sure to put the ToyChest Company on your shopping agenda at The Island!

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